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Subletvis is the online moniker of sound artist and composer Mo Nahold. His work focuses on digital alienated aesthetics, various electroacoustic methods and multichannel approached composition techniques in specialized environments. Abstract sound encounters stand in contrast to conventional rhythmic structures and harmonic content, in order to close gaps between sound aesthetics of different musical convictions. Nahold has released music on Ventil Records, Parken and Denovali.


Mermaid & Seafruit is the collaborative project of Magdalena Chowaniec and Markus Steinkellner. Together they take us on a ferocious trip through various musical styles. The straight forward vocals reflect on our society, body and gender politics and the emotional abyss of the contemporary subject. The tracks of the Polish-Austrian duo inhale the deep, corporeal bass of Grime, the snottiness of Hip Hop, the frenzy of Hardstyle, the confrontational dynamics of Noise as well as the patient elegance of R’n’B and theatricalspoken word passages. The result is a hybrid, an intriguing and dystopian amalgam of contemporary club genres, shimmering in different emotional shades. (Shilla Strelka)


Bringing you transcendental and sinister sounds, hardcore from all corners and decades.  


Kuratiert von Rojin Sharafi / WE:Shape

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