16 Mi Mai | 2018

Einlass: 18:30
Beginn: 19:30

Eintritt: € 16

The rhythms of the Caribbean merge with the symphonic performance of the Latin Caribbean Youth Orchestra. This group emerged in the populated neighborhood of  23 de enero, in Caracas- Venezuela, within the framework of the Popular Music Program of the System of Youth and Children's Choirs and Orchestras of Venezuela, known worldwide as El Sistema.

Latin Caribbean Youth Orchestra

It was founded in 2013 in 23 de Enero, Caracas – Venezuela, in order to integrate more children and youth into El Sistema through popular music (salsa), which is one of the most representative genres in this area. 
This Orchestra is formed by kids and teenagers between the ages of 10 and 25 years old, who live in this populous zone of Caracas and other close areas. Currently, it is one of the youngest and strongest groups in popular Latin and Caribbean music of Caracas under the conduction of Professor Hans Loreto, who started his musical activities when he was a child at the Children Choir of Venezuela.